Peaked pies, a popular Australian savory pastry, was introduced to Whistler in 2013 by Kerri Jones, an Australian, and her Canadian husband, Alex Relf.

They opened their flagship location, named “Peaked Pies,” in the heart of Whistler, and the unique and delicious pies quickly gained popularity among both locals and tourists. The shop offered a variety of savory pies filled with traditional Australian ingredients like beef, lamb, and vegetables, as well as more unconventional fillings like kangaroo.

As the popularity of Peaked Pies grew, the shop expanded its menu to include sweet pies, coffee, and other treats. Today, Peaked Pies is a beloved institution in Whistler, attracting visitors from far and wide to try its famous pies.

In recent years, the popularity of peaked pies has continued to grow, leading to the opening of two more successful locations in the lower mainland.

Hi, we are Kerri and Alex.

We’re passionate about bringing the authentic taste of Australia to communities across Canada. Our mission began with a simple idea: to create a welcoming place where Aussies and non-Aussies alike could come and experience the joy of delicious handmade meat pies.

Our menu features a variety of savory pies, sweet pies, breakfast pies, Australian-style coffees, desserts, and even craft beer on tap! Everything is made fresh daily, with our famous pies being baked and handmade right in-store. We offer a range of toppings, allowing our customers to create their own unique Peaked Pie.

If you’re interested in bringing Peaked Pies to your own community, consider applying to become a Franchise Partner and joining our team. We look forward to sharing our passion for Australian cuisine.

-Kerri & Alex